Hello world ‘o’ blogs!

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007

Alright, I’m finally doing it.

In the spirit of 99% of the rest of the Rails coders out there, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and making my own blog.  For years, I’ve hated even the word “blog” as to me the idea represented adolescent ramblings from dissatisfied narcissists.  This is probably due to the original uses of blogs by the ever verbose “pre-teen” crowd, posting such brain teasers as “OMG!!! SO JEFF TOTALLY JUST IM’ED ME AND WE’RE LIKE TOTALLY GOING TO SEE A MOVIE TOMORROW BUT I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S A DATE WHAT DO YOU THINK?” (spelling corrected for readability).

Thankfully, the idea of blogging has spread to people that actually have something worth talking about.  Bruce Shneier and Jim Hollan always have interesting things posted.  My friend Kevin Clark is definitely my go-to person for cutting-edge Rails info.  Not to mention I’ve owned drelmo.net since February of ’99, yet I haven’t done anything interesting with it in years.

So here begins my attempt to contribute something useful and insightful to the “blogosphere”.  Let’s see where it goes.


Dave Sailer

November 18th, 2007 at 4:36 pm
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Thanks for your words on hosting companies. About a week ago I somehow ended up at Rails Hosting Info (www.railshostinginfo.com/) and stumbled onto OCS Solutions.

I emailed one OCS customer who had left a favorable review, then sent a “pre-sales, semi-technical” query to OCS. And got a nice reply.

I’m somewhere else right now, with one site up almost two years with basically zero problems, and the second one mysteriously unavailable sometimes. Then the whole server disappeared twice in one week, and technical support has basically told me they don’t really care. (I.e., it’s my job to find and document server problems, and then tell them how to fix them. And I’ve been warned never ever to ask about anything that even gets close to an application programming or configuration question.) Cool.

Today I found an answer to one problem in the OCS wiki. For a while I’d thought I really was an idiot, but it turned out to be a tiny configuration change. So I’ll probably switch to them.

There is an interesting new discussion of hosting companies at “Pearsonified.” Seems like almost everyone has sites that wink off and back on again, so maybe I’m not imagining that either. (See http://www.pearsonified.com/2007/11/three_web_hosting_tips.php)

Part II: If you ever post about setting up dedicated servers, I’d be in your audience.