Step-by-step Rails setup using Capistrano 2.0 and Mongrel

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007

I started working on a new client site in Rails recently and reached the point where I was ready to launch a starter-version over at OCS. In the process, I wanted to upgrade a few of my practices and utilities, most notably Capistrano. I have been using the 1.4 series for a while, but this was a brand new site, so what better opportunity would there be to start using 2.0?

Since Capistrano 2.0 is relatively new to the scene, the documentation (as with most Rails-related projects) was lagging behind. The team changed a lot about how 2.0 works, making most of my old deployment recipes obsolete. The problem is, the info about how to write new ones is still very scattered and hard to navigate. OCS was suffering from much the same problem, with no detailed guide on getting a new Rails app ready and launched on their servers. Since I knew I’d need to repeat the process in the future, I decided to document the process as I went. Halfway through, I realized that I was likely not the only one who could benefit from such a guide.

The result of my efforts was posted later that day on the official OCS Support Wiki, as an article entitled “Step-by-step setup using Capistrano 2.0 and Mongrel” under their Ruby on Rails section. It even got a mention and some kind words on the OCS Blog.