Open Past Midnight – Prologue

Posted on: Sunday, Jan 27, 2008

So our COGS group has decided to do a Google-maps based site that allows the visitor to find nearby restaurants (maybe stores, etc) that are open at different times of the day.  We’ve set up some framework stuff (SVN, domain, etc) and need to start getting things together.

By Thursday (1/31/08) we will have mapped out the data for the following locations.  This means we need to go to those areas and grab all of the data about the various stores (name, phone, address, hours) and submit it to Google’s database (or verify that they already have it.)

  • Chris: Costa Verde shopping center
  • Evan: Ralph’s shopping center
  • Rodolphe: Whole Foods shopping center
  • Marc: Einstein’s Bros shopping center
  • Vivien: Vons shopping center

Our in-progress feature list:

Must-Have Feature Set

  • Default time should approximate the user’s local time
  • An interface to allow the user to change the time displayed
  • Search for locations based on name and/or time

Would-Be-Nice Feature Set

  • Mobile-access compatible (iPhone, etc)
  • Heatmap of neighborhoods to display density of locations open at the given time