Midnight Munchies is now Open Past Midnight

Posted on: Sunday, Feb 3, 2008

Due to some slight difficulties in acquiring the needed domain name, our COGS group has changed its name to Open Past Midnight.  We’ve been working on some paper-prototypes for the site layout.  Vivien found a very cool possible technology for generating heatmaps called gheat.  Given the implementation, I don’t think it will be directly usable for our project, but it does lend some great ideas.  There might be parts that we can yank out and use.  We’ll see.

I’ve also been working a lot on the server-side systems we need to make this project run smoothly, both in development and production. Just as with Rails, Capistrano is my friend.  I’ve almost got it working for this project, even though we’re likely to do any back-end code in PHP.

Also, it turns out that Google will pay you to submit verified listings of local businesses.  They call it their Business Referral Representative program.  If we’re lucky, we can get into the program and get paid for doing all the data gathering we would anyway.  More to come.