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Final Impressions of COGS 121

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 13, 2008

After 10 weeks, I’ve now been able to watch all of the final presentations from the different groups. Considering that my group was the only “experienced programmer” team, I really didn’t know what to expect from the others. All in all, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the various projects they’ve managed to produce. Most importantly, […]

Open Past… what day?

Posted on: Monday, Mar 3, 2008

It’s been too long since the last update, especially since we’ve overcome a lot of hurdles in building this system. I’ll talk about each in its own right. Hours of Operation The primary quandary we faced was in how to represent a store’s hours of operation in the database. The obvious implementation is to have […]

Delays to being Open (Past Midnight)

Posted on: Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008

For those of you that have not heard, my grandfather is very ill and in the hospital.  I’ve been back and forth to LA several times this last week to try and help out the family as much as I can.  Even better, I picked up a really nasty cold somewhere along the way.  All […]

Midnight Munchies is now Open Past Midnight

Posted on: Sunday, Feb 3, 2008

Due to some slight difficulties in acquiring the needed domain name, our COGS group has changed its name to Open Past Midnight.  We’ve been working on some paper-prototypes for the site layout.  Vivien found a very cool possible technology for generating heatmaps called gheat.  Given the implementation, I don’t think it will be directly usable […]

Midnight Munchies – Prologue

Posted on: Sunday, Jan 27, 2008

So our COGS group has decided to do a Google-maps based site that allows the visitor to find nearby restaurants (maybe stores, etc) that are open at different times of the day.  We’ve set up some framework stuff (SVN, domain, etc) and need to start getting things together. By Thursday (1/31/08) we will have mapped […]

Practical Chinese for Nerds (hwk 1)

Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008

The first assignment for COGS 121 was due last week.  I worked up a simple site on Practical Chinese for Nerds.  The content leaves a lot to be desired, but that was essentially filler for me.  I was focusing on two things while I built this site. Building a completely image-free site by hand.  Something […]

COGS 121: Human Computer Interaction Programming

Posted on: Wednesday, Jan 9, 2008

So in my 5th and final year at UCSD, I’m finally getting to take a class that I’ve had my eye on for years: Human Computer Interaction Programming. Part of the class assignments are to maintain a blog of what we do in (or related to) class. Since I’m lazy and don’t want to set […]