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Open Past… what day?

Posted on: Monday, Mar 3, 2008

It’s been too long since the last update, especially since we’ve overcome a lot of hurdles in building this system. I’ll talk about each in its own right. Hours of Operation The primary quandary we faced was in how to represent a store’s hours of operation in the database. The obvious implementation is to have […]

Setting up your own Ubuntu repository on Dreamhost

Posted on: Monday, Sep 17, 2007

Following up on my post about installing a receipt printer on Ubuntu, I mentioned that I would post my experiences setting up a Ubuntu repository. Most of the documentation out there only covers setting up a repo on your own local machine, for your own local use only. On top of that, the docs vary […]

I started working on a new client site in Rails recently and reached the point where I was ready to launch a starter-version over at OCS. In the process, I wanted to upgrade a few of my practices and utilities, most notably Capistrano. I have been using the 1.4 series for a while, but this […]

My Top 2 Web Hosting Companies

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007

Like most web developers, I get asked fairly regularly who I recommend for setting up simple websites. For the record, my experience with project hosting has been very polar. I’ve done a few sites where the requirements called for a full dedicated server, which I got to set up by hand. If there is interest […]