Muir Skate Longboard Shop, Inc.

E-commerce website

I’ve been the primary developer behind the extremely successful longboard shop MuirSkate.com since its inception as Muir Surf and Sport in September, 2005. The business has grown up over the years and the website has stepped up to become the primary revenue driver. It is currently in its fourth major revision, evolving to meet the changing needs of the business, with new features continuously being added.

March, 2011

September, 2008

The most complex feature of the website is the ability for users to “Build-A-Complete” skateboard, choosing the components of their board with the flexibility and ease expected in today’s Web 2.0 culture. Product availability and purchases are tied in directly to the real-time inventory control system, ensuring that users can place their order with confidence, knowing that everything is in stock and ready to ship.

March, 2011

September, 2008

We’ve also put significant effort into creating an original Longboard Buying Guide with useful content for new customers.

Point of Sale / Integrated Business Solution

Interfacing with the website and inventory tracking system, the in-store Point of Sale system allows the store the ultimate flexibility to track and process sales along their own workflow. The software was designed to meet their specialized needs and continuously refined along the way to ensure simplicity and ease-of-use.

BioGPS – Gene Annotation Portal

I’ve been working on BioGPS full time since 2008.  A proper preview picture and description will be coming soon.